Part 2 of the 4th 30 minute segment of the "Pompeii Virtual Walk" video

This segment of the Pompeii Virtual Walk video includes the House of the Faun, House of the Vetti (note - explicit frescoes - viewer discretion advised), the House of the Prince of Naples, the Castellum Aquae, and Samnite fortification wall and tower near the necropolis of the Vesuvio Gate. I was particularly thrilled to explore the House of the Vetti as it was closed when I was in Pompeii and it is one of those dwellings where the owners went rather "over the top" in adorning almost every inch of wall space with frescoes even though many scholars think the Vettii were freedman and not aristocrats at all.  I was also excited to finally "tour" the House of the Prince of Naples that I studied for months before writing the Wikipedia article about it. Surgical instruments were scattered in the debris of the house and a skeleton was found in the barrel-vaulted cubiculum to the left of the fauces. I thought these finds suggested the house may have been occupied by a physi

Pompeii Virtual Walk: Part 1 of the 4th 30-minute segment

This segment of the Pompeii Virtual Walk video includes the House of the Dioscuri, the House of Adonis Wounded, the House of Meleager, the House of Apollo, one of the fortification towers, the House of the Small Fountain, the House of the Large Fountain, the House of the Anchor, and the Arch of Caligula. As stated before, I have used Topaz Sharpen AI to remove the slight motion blur in screen captures as well as Adobe Camera Raw to adjust clarity, texture, highlights, shadows, and occasionally haze and white balance. I increase dynamic contrast and add a subtle vignette with On1 Photo Raw Effects and remove distracting visitors and replace empty skies with Photoshop and its Sky Replacement feature, changing the blend mode from Screen to Multiply where necessary to avoid extensive editing of the masking layer. Note: Better images of the interior Fourth Style frescoes in the House of the Small Fountain taken with still cameras can be seen on Wikimedia Commons: https://commons.wikimedia.o